Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day yesterday!

My day went great my husband was suppose to work yesterday so I thought he left that morning like he was going to work well instead he came back and surprised me and the kids to breakfast in bed from cracker barell and it was very good so I made a pot of coffee to go with it and some sunny D as well for the kids It was really sweet of him and on top of all that he got me a boquet of my favorite flowers which are roses 🙂 and a candy boquet that has tootie rolls and hersey candy bars that look like a flower boquet and 2 huge stuffed animals and 2 smaller stuffed animals and a hot chocolate gift set with lots of other goodies inside and a blanket and heart pillow and then 6 different types of boxes of chocolates and the kids got a hershey boquet and each got a stuffed animal which they loved and was excited to see daddy at home with us that day!

My husband is an amazing man and knows how to always make things special and can always put a smile on my face, We also went out to dinner and that was great to and we all had a good night. I really love my husband to death and I am so grateful to have him This year was really special for us all and I am very happy things went the way they did.

I hope everyone has a boyfriend or husband who makes your day special and treats you really good to. I would love to hear from anyone and know how your special day went and what did you do to celebrate!

Have a blessed day



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