VocalPoint Try new things/products

Vocalpoint is a community for learning valuable and interesting insights about new products thru samples and coupons you can share with those you care about. Check us out for this and MUCH MORE! http://www.vocalpoint.com/

Company Overview
Vocalpoint is a community where you can participate in unique experiences, learn new things, try new products, and meet new friends. It’s us sharing with you, you sharing with us, and you sharing with others so we’re all learning from one another!

WHAT IS VOCALPOINT: Vocalpoint is a community of mostly women who participate in products research, get opportunities to try new products via samples and high value coupons, and provide feedback about their experiences. It is also a reso…urce for learning about ways to make your life simpler through articles, message board topics, recipes, daily tips and more. The concept is based on word of mouth communication … we offer you opportunities to try samples or receive coupons. You try them and share your feedback with us, with your friends, with your co-workers, etc. This helps spread the word about the products! We share all of your feedback with the brands offering the samples, and they use that information to better market the products. You actually influence products! Imagine that!

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR VOCALPOINT: You must be a registered member to take part in the sampling/couponing opportunities. Becoming a member is easy! Simply visit vocalpoint.com and register! Once you have registered on our site, you will begin receiving the weekly newsletters advising you of what opportunities are currently available. Simply Liking our Facebook page does not register you as a member as we cannot collect your address and contact information through Facebook.

HOW DO I GET SAMPLES/COUPONS: Each week there is a newsletter sent out. In the section labeled “Try and Tell” you will see all of our active opportunities. When there are samples available, the Newsletter will say that you can opt in to receiv…e something. To opt in, you must have signed up at vocalpoint.com (just Liking us on Facebook does not create an actual membership with us as it doesn’t allow us to collect your address for shipping your samples). You can click through the Newsletter articles to go to the sample pages for any of these opportunities. You will see when you get to the webpage for that opportunity a click through to opt in. When you follow that link, you will be signed up to receive the sample.

WHY DON’T I ALWAYS GET TO PARTICIPATE: We offer many opportunities throughout the year. We cannot, unfortunately, offer every opportunity to every member. In terms of what Vocalpoint offers, to effectively show the impact and power of ou…r community, we must define test markets for each program. In this way, we can show how all of you have had an impact on the product! We use different cities for each program, research opportunity, etc. to keep it fair! Of course, there are a limited number of samples available for each opportunity. This is defined by the company offering the sample. In other instances, sometimes the brands we are working with have defined specific target areas (regions, cities, states, etc.) that need to be included/excluded to help them better understand their own products. Further, they may be seeking to understand how a particular group of people feel about their products (I only want mothers, I only want non-children homes, I only want ages 25 – 40, etc.). We do our best to ensure we have a wide variety of programs such that each of you can take advantage of the most opportunities.

HOW CAN I GET THE BEST EXPERIENCE: Make sure you read your Newsletters! This is where you will learn about new opportunities! BUT, you don’t have to wait for the Newsletter! You can visit vocalpoint.com at any time to see what is currently available as well as learn new things through our articles!


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