Piece of Mine Review

Piece of Mine ReviewPiece of Mine Review383

    1. Piece of Mine Review

      While looking on-line I found Piece Of Mine and found it interesting and was curious of what they had I wanted to try some things and I was fortunate enough to win some things in a contest she was having. The things I received were all very delicious and everything is made fresh and she requires a 2 week notice in advance if you want to order since she is a one women operation and she is also located in California I got to try several things that she has to offer and I was very pleased with the products I got if you are looking for a creative great tasting goodies I would highly recommend ordering from here.

      I received chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles and they were chocolate and white chocolate, also the regualar chocolate had caramel inside them and some of them also had cute little designs on the bottom of them.

      The next thing is chocolate covered pretzels with cute sprinkles on them and they also had caramel inside them to which was a good surprise.

      I also received 2 boxes of mini Oreos shamrocks that were cute and also had edible glitter on them.

      My kids and I really enjoyed all the things I got and everything was great I got a gift card and cupcake measuring set with some cupcake filters along with everything else.

      I am really pleased with the lady who does all of this and she is a sweet lady and very reliable so definitely check out her page and see what all she has to offer you won’t be disappointed.

      Here is here link to check out what she has and to order from her if you would like to.


      On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this an 8 of 10 which is a very good rating.


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