At The Window Book Review

At The Window Book Review

I was given the opportunity to review this book for kids I must say I loved the story and what it’s all about the author did a great job and I read it to my children and they all enjoyed listening to it the book is a little longer than most it’s 32 pages but it was a fun easy going story that will have your kids wanting to hear more about the story and sit there quietly.

The Book is recommended for ages 9 and up but if you have children under that they will enjoy hearing the book too! My kids have asked for me to read it more than once already below will be some of what the author said what the book is about. So check it out and get your book today.

Story Line of At the Window!

At the Window is a quiet, sensitive story that invites readers to consider the undeniable nature of love. Henry and his little sister, Emily, are orphans who live under the care of Ms. Agnes at St. Peter’s Orphanage. One wintry night, Henry notices a bright, shining light tear through the sky­-but he is the only one who notices. The following week, he sees the light again and Henry now begins to think this is more than a coincidence. The burning light sets a spark inside of Henry’s own heart and he begins to search for answers. Patience and an open spirit ultimately lead him to the truth, where the warmth and light fully embraces him.

Written By Joseph Forte


Joseph Forte is a writer and elementary school teacher who believes the power of the written word is priceless.  He was born and raised in Welland, Ontario, Canada and grew up playing competitive hockey. He is an avid fan of Canadian music and enjoys writing articles, poetry, and children’s stories. When he sits down with a pen and paper in hand, his sole mission is to create a piece of work, “Where Words Come Alive.”

You can also connect with him at:



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