DermOrganic Review

DermOrganic Argan Hair Oil Treatments are the new beauty ritual for unparalleled performance. Their argan oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the Argan tree, and is rich in omega-6, antioxidants, and vitamin E. It creates a protective barrier against the damaging effects of heat, sun, and wind to restore a healthy and natural shine. 
These professional formulas combine the healing properties of the ancient and highly revered argan oil with the advanced therapeutic qualities of rice amino acids and grapeseed extract to repair, smooth, and soften hair.
DermOrganic products are:
  • Vegan
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free of artificial preservatives
  • Sulfate & Gluten free
  • Free of sodium chloride, salt, MEA, DEA, or dyes
  • Paraben free
  • Propylene Glycol free
  • pH balanced (4.5-5.5)
The DermOrganic products are available in Ulta stores and online at, at the DermOrganic website, and through various distributors.
12 fl oz, $16
The Daily Conditioning Shampoo looks, smells, and feels exactly like white public bathroom hand soap… which makes sense because “it’s the shampoo made with skin cleansers!” It is sulfate free and safe for color treated hair. It’s enriched with omega-6, panthenol, rice keratin, and antioxidants.
Even though it’s sulfate free, it DOES lather, which I appreciate. There’s just something about lather that makes me think my hair is getting cleaner.. does anyone else feel that way?! Overall, it cleaned my hair well enough, but didn’t leave it feeling super luxurious, or even that conditioned at all. To me, my hair felt similar to after I’ve used a clarifying shampoo on it, although this is NOT a clarifying shampoo.
10.1 fl oz, $16
The Daily Hydrating Conditioner is supposed to:
  • Eliminate tangles
  • Prevent flyaways
  • Control frizz
  • Improve slip and brushability
  • Be lightweight and rinse clean
  • Neutralize static
  • Keep hair manageable
  • Be pH balanced and color safe for everyday use
This one smells like a slightly more cherry version of the white public bathroom hand soap. But I will say that my hair did feel better after using the conditioner than it did after just using the shampoo.
Whenever I test a new product line, I put all of my other normal products aside and just use the particular line that I’m testing, 
Overall, I like the DermOrganic products,
I think if you’re looking for any of the specific requirements of the line (vegan, cruelty free, pH balanced, paraben/gluten/sulfate free, etc.), then it is a fantastic choice.



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