ShopVT Winners!

try vermont first

Thank you to everyone who entered our 36 fabulous ShopVT Giveaways. We are thrilled to announce winners today.


Before the winners are announced I would also like to thank Nissa Sutphen and her team at the Burlington VT Mom’s Blog. They are wonderful to work with. I encourage you to go to one of their very fun events, and of course follow their blog.

Both Nissa and I would like to thank our sponsors: Vermont Harvest, Best of Vermont, Topnotch Resort and Spa, Localvore Today and Mix 102.3. These sponsors have helped make ShopVT a reality.

To our participating businesses, authors, artists: THANK YOU! We are very happy to showcase your products and work.

Please remember the impact of spending your holiday dollars locally!

Now… on to the winners:

Gifts That Give Back (Handle With Love, JewelryOs, VT Chocolate For Change): Jennifer Knowles


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