Magnetic Baby Safety Lock for Cabinets and Drawers Review + Giveaway


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I received this product in exchange for an honest review. I thought this product was great and a must have when it comes to keeping little children safe from things they may want to get into in the cabinets etc they are So easy to install and very easy to use. They have a sticky back so there is no need for screws or nails just stick them on. I would recommend this to anyone who has small children in the home and would use this over the other safety lock products I have tried.

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This is an invisible locking system for your cabinet doors to keep toddlers away. It’s usally used in the kitchen or bathroom.
Here are some of the advantages:
• EASY TO INSTALL – No screws or drilling needed. You get clear paper instructions as well as a link to an online instructions video.
• FITS ALL CABINETS AND DRAWERS – The magnetic key is made from a rare earth magnet and would even work on 1.5 inches thick cabinet door or drawer.
• KEEPS YOUR FURNITURE ESTHETIC – An invisible system with a lock/unlock function. Doesn’t leave a mark or holes in your furniture once you decide to take it off.


How to Video




Oder straight from Amazon






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